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Managing your student budget

The principles of budgeting are simple, but may be hard to put into practice. There is plenty of advice available, but it is all based on the same simple statement: do not spend more than you can afford

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Career-based qualifications   

The UK provides a comprehensive choice of work-related qualifications in a wide variety of occupational categories, and at several different levels

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MBA degrees

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a specialist business qualification. There are a large number of MBA courses available in the UK

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Choosing an institution

All UK educational institutions have their different strengths. Your job is to find the school, college or university whose strengths most closely match all your needs

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European students in the UK

The UK is a magnet for students from Continental Europe, with almost 140,000 coming from EU-member states to study at UK higher education institutions in 2017/18

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Choosing a course

When choosing a course, you must think about two things. Firstly, what level of course you are looking for and, secondly, what subjects you are interested in

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Applying for courses

In coming to the UK to study, you will be joining around 400,000 other international students from 180 different countries who have decided to take advantage of the quality and variety of its further-education (FE) and higher-education (HE) programmes