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Postgraduate scholarships for American and Canadian students

British Marshall Scholarships

British Marshall Scholarships are for US graduate students with a US first degree to study at a UK institution, normally for two academic years, and cover tuition fees, the cost of living, fares to and from the United States, and, where applicable, a contribution towards the support of a dependent spouse, as well as an annual book grant, a thesis grant, and research and daily travel grants.

European Union scholarships, grants and exchange programmes

European Union scholarships, grants and exchange programmes provide many opportunities for students from your region to come and study with participating UK institutions. These include:

Check to see which UK institutions participate, as not all will necessarily do so, and also whether your own country is involved if not specifically mentioned above.

Fulbright Awards

Fulbright Awards are a range of awards open to US graduate students, lecturers, advanced researchers, faculty members on an exchange, research librarians and academic administrators for study in the UK.

Mitchell Scholarships

Mitchell Scholarships are named after Senator George Mitchell, who was involved in the Northern Ireland Peace Process, and have the aim of encouraging links between the US and the island of Ireland.

Twelve are awarded each year for one year of graduate study in any subject area on offer in the higher-education institutions of Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and the Republic of Ireland. Each award will cover tuition, plus stipends for housing, living costs and international travel. To be eligible, applicants have to be between the ages of 18 and 30.

The Scholarships are awarded on the bases of academic excellence, leadership, and a sustained commitment to service and community.

Rhodes Scholarships

Rhodes Scholarships were set up by Cecil Rhodes over a hundred years ago with the aim of fostering understanding between the English-speaking countries of the world and other select countries by encouraging the best graduate students from these countries to study at the University of Oxford.

There are no restrictions on the subjects to be studied. Each Scholarship covers University and college fees and a stipend for living expenses, and may be held for a maximum of three years. Thirty-two are available each year to US students, 11 to Canadian students, and one each to Bermudan, Jamaican and Commonwealth Caribbean students.

Saltire Scholarships

Saltire Scholarships are funded by the Scottish Government to encourage international graduate students from certain countries to come and study at higher-education institutions in Scotland. Each is a one-off award of £2,000 towards tuition for a full-time master’s-level course (but not PhDs) in a wide range of subjects. Two hundred are awarded each year on the basis of merit and academic achievement. Citizens of the USA and Canada are among those eligible.

The UK 9/11 Scholarships Fund

The UK 9/11 Scholarships Fund was jointly set up by the World Trade Center Disaster Fund and the British Council. It offers scholarships to children or dependents of victims of the September 11 attacks or other subsequent terrorist tragedy for study in the UK.

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