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Eighties fashion
The London Evening Standard goes free


The same old Christmas songs

Eighties fashion – HOT
It was acceptable in the eighties…and in 2010 too, apparently.

Visit the high-streets and campuses up and down the country, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped back in time. It seems eighties fashion is back big time. And it’s not just fashion conscious students who are embracing the revival, you can’t open a magazine without spotting celebs in their 80s togs. Even the queen of fashion, Victoria Beckham has been spotted sporting huge eighties-inspired shoulder pads.

Blazers, denim skirts, ripped tights and jeggings (a cross between jeans and leggings) are THE uber-trendy staples for girls. Whereas for guys, leather jackets, checked shirts, skinny jeans and fingerless gloves will keep you up there with the fashion set.

The Topshop and Topman websites are great for looking at the latest trends which won’t break the bank.

Beards – HOT
Pack away your razor gents, the beard is back!

When they’re seen on the likes of David Beckham and Brad Pitt, you know it’s only a matter of time before they catch on. Yes, the full on beard has stolen the show, and is now a favourite with once clean-shaven, style-conscious guys in the UK.

For those feeling really adventurous, forget the beard and opt for the moustache only, for a really dapper look.

The London Evening Standard goes free – HOT
Since October, Londoners have been able to get their hands on the London Evening Standard absolutely free.

The paper prides itself on being a quality newspaper, and will be doubling its circulation so that it can reach more people than ever. With 300 vendors dishing out the free copies in London, if you’re in the capital be quick to grab your copy to get your daily fix of news, entertainment and more.

But don’t worry if you miss your copy – you can get all the latest from the Evening Standard’s website.

The same old Christmas songs – NOT
Musical notesEvery year in early December (or earlier), the same old festive songs come out to play, again and again and again...

Some are actually quite good, some are a bit corny and some are just downright annoying, but every year in the UK, the same, increasingly tedious songs can be heard playing on every station, in every shop and in every office.

In recent years, tracks by Westlife and winners of the X-Factor TV competition have replaced the cheesy Yuletide songs that used to sit at the top of the Christmas charts every year, which means that there haven’t been any new seasonal songs for quite some time. So it looks like we might be stuck listening to Christmassy songs by the likes of 70s glam rockers Slade, 80s Elvis impersonator Shakin’ Stevens and the ’Peter Pan of pop’ Cliff Richard forever!



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