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UK life

Scotland forms the northern part of Britain and is home to a population of about five million, most of whom live in the lively cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

These cities offer unique opportunities for the many students who choose to study there. Scotland is also renowned for its natural beauty – the most dramatic scenery is found in the Highlands, a series of rugged mountains that reach their peak at Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain.


EdinburghEdinburgh is a city that has not only some of the most breathtaking views in an urban surrounding, but also plenty going on. You can soak up the atmosphere in one of the city’s traditional pubs or trendy bars, explore its dark streets on a ghost walk or take a hike up some hills right after your shopping – it’s all here!

In Edinburgh you can enjoy most of the great benefits of living in a major city but also experience the charm of a small town you can explore on foot. The city is divided into the cobbled winding streets of the Old Town and the scenic streets of the 18th century New Town, while the breathtaking, historic Edinburgh Castle towers over it all.

There is a lot of action around the student area of town so you will find plenty of pubs, bars, clubs and cinemas to while away your student days and nights and keep you entertained. 


Glasgow is famous for more than just being the hometown of comedy legend Billy Connolly. Scotland’s largest and most urban centre is home to grand architecture, a lively nightlife and the biggest student population in the country.

The city has shaken off its industrial and poverty-stricken heritage and is now a stylish and chic city. Glasgow’s Gothic cathedral, a beautiful monument that dates back to the Reformation, and the city’s huge selection of drinking spots make the city an ideal student-friendly destination.


The historic city of Edinburgh is famous for its annual fringe festival


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