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Read about the experiences of students like you who chose to study in the UK!

Awad BehnickName: Awad Behnick
Age: 24
Country: Mauritius
Institution: University of East London
Programme: BA Media & Advertising

Why did you want to study in the UK?
I came to the UK because of its reputable high standard of education. Moreover the UK offers a unique opportunity to work and earn. Hence I have the possibility to get relevant experience from the best institutions of the world and being paid.

Why did you choose your particular university?
I chose UEL because it offers the programme in the field I am interested in, advertising. London is the most appropriate platform for the advertising industry as apprentice. My institution offers the possibility to learn from the best and work with the best

What do you think of the program you studied/study in the UK?
The programme is of high profile as it is carefully outlined. From the rise of the mass Media, the birth of advertising, psychoanalysis, psychology, politics, philosophy and the dynamics of advertising it encompasses valuable subject areas. My programme engages critical analysis between academic scholars and the application of that analysis in culture.

The programme is very contemporary. The teaching staff are very warm and active. Studying in the UK offers the direct opportunity to draw a parallel with the academic world and the real world.

What is it like living in the UK?
Living in the UK is a different experience. The lifestyle here is superb and very adaptable. There is always something to put your teeth into.

Whatís the best thing about studying in the UK?
The best thing about studying in UK is you get the opportunity of learning how to speak authentic English. It is the simple fact that everything from now on rotate around your ability to understand and communicate effectively in a language you have only read in books.

How do you think your studies will affect your professional career?
When I finish my studies I look forward to work in an advertising agency in Europe. My studies enabled me to make the link with key employers in the industry. With the degree in hand it will be just a matter of following up the links.

Hashim Mohamed Al SharifName: Hashim Mohamed Al Sharif
Country: Libya
Institution: Thanet College
Programme: Access to Maths and IT

Why did you choose the UK?
I knew that the United Kingdom offers a wide range of courses, and its qualifications have an excellent reputation.

Why did you choose your college?
I was doing an English course near the college last year and I liked the area, because itís quiet and is by the seaside. So I visited the college and found that they offered my course.

Why did you choose your course?
To gain more information, which could be useful for my future study, as well as practice and learn more English. I would like to go to university in England and I thought that I needed to get used to the education system in the UK.

How have you found studying in English?
Studying English is very challenging and very useful. I attend extra English language support lessons to help improve my English so that Iím ready for higher education.

How did you find settling in at college?
It was easy to settle down because you get help from the staff and you have the chance to know about the college.

Whatís college life like?
The college offers a good atmosphere for every student, to help them obtain what they are aiming for. In addition, it provides good facilities and has very helpful staff.

What do you do after your classes?
I play tennis and have been selected to play for the college on some occasions. I also do other sports or go to the gym. Sometimes I go with my friends to the cinema or do some shopping.

Fast facts

íThe English wit is uncanny! The friends Iíve made are an absolute riot. Itís great to go out with people youíve only known for a couple of months and be able to joke with them and laugh until your sides hurt.í

Kelly James, University of Nottingham

Whatís the best thing about going to college in the UK?
Itís a good experience to get to know a new culture and to meet new people from all over the world, and even more to get the opportunity to get an excellent qualification.

In what ways do you think you have changed since coming to college in the UK?
In several ways , such as getting used to different cultures and knowing more about England and its social life.

I have also gained a good knowledge of how most things operate in the English system.

Alvina BaizhumovaName: Alvina Baizhumova
Country: Kazakhstan
Institution: University of Gloucester
Programme: MA Management of Human Resources

What is student life in the UK like?
A studentís life is extremely busy. One always needs to meet deadlines and time is a very valued resource. When you are choosing a place of study vital things to think about are distance from home to university, and availability of resources. Using the university bus, I could reach my learning campus in less than ten minutes.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Gloucestershire?
I chose to study at the University of Gloucestershire not only because it offered the right course to match my needs but also because of the impressive way it dealt with my application.

All my questions and queries were answered quickly and efficiently even down to providing me with a complete pack of documents necessary for obtaining my visa. This quality of customer care found favour with me and helped me make the right choice.

Another important thing for me was to study in the business school with a favourable balance of local and international students. I hoped strongly that it should enhance my English language skills. In this respect, the University of Gloucestershire is an ideal place to study.

What advantages are there to studying in the UK?
Studying at the university has provided me with then opportunity to experience the world from a different perspective making new friends, living in a new environment, experiencing new ideas -all this have made me renewed. This has provided me with the drive to succeed in studying abroad.

What will you miss after you graduate?
Undoubtedly, when I graduate, I will miss communication with some of my favourite tutors. I was lucky enough to listen to some fascinating lectures and get responses to my questions.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?
I am hoping to start working as a management consultant specialising in the area of human resource management.

Cindy FirmanName: Cindy Firman
Country: US
Institution: London School of Economics
Programme: Study abroad for one year

What do you like best about studying in the UK?
My favourite part of studying in the UK is getting to experience what life is like in another part of the world.

Why did you decide to study in the UK?
I am majoring in economics at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. The London School of Economics is so well known for economics, that it seemed like the perfect choice considering my major.

What is good about living in the UK?
London is a gorgeous city! The rest of Europe is also easily accessible.

Do you think you have changed since coming to the UK?
No doubt! Coming halfway across the world by myself forced me to grow up.

What good things have you found which you did not expect before you came to the UK?
It is very similar to the US. It made me realise how small the world is, and that I have so much in common with people from every corner of the world.

Whatís the best thing about studying in the UK?
All of the people I have met, and getting to experience a different part of the world. This experience has really opened my eyes and allowed me to get a better understanding of who I am.

Do you think studying in the UK will help you in the future?
Getting to experience life in a different culture has given me an insight into other ways of living. This will be extremely beneficial to my following a career in marketing, where it is crucial to be sensitive to cultural differences.

Ryan OíTooleName: Ryan OíToole
Country: US
Institution: Leeds Metropolitan University
Programme: Study abroad for one semester

Why did you choose your university?
Leeds Metropolitan Universityís Business School has an excellent reputation and a close partnership with Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where I am studying marketing and public relations. They also have a high employability rating following graduation.

What do you think of the course you are doing in the UK?
The programme is a great fit for international students. I have found this diversified course a bit challenging but of great quality. The flexibility in the structure has afforded me the chance to travel and work during my stay.

Do you think studying in the UK provides value for money?
Yes. If you wish to enroll in the exchange programme then fees cost the same as your participating university.

What is good about living in the UK?
You donít have to trek very far to find what you enjoy. Living in the UK provides instant exposure to diversity and everyone is hospitable.

Whatís the best thing about studying in the UK?
The nightlife is fantastic! There is also a passion for sports , especially football and rugby , unlike any other country.

Will your studies help in the future?
Studying at Leeds has undoubtedly given me an edge over peer graduates and I am more confident now than ever.


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